Our Story

This beautiful adventure in the world of babies, began in 1993 with the arrival of my oldest daughter Francesca. When she was born, I realized there were no options to decorate a baby´s room. I wanted her to be in a comfort and cozy bedroom, so I had to be creative with the few options available to design her  room.  As every business begans when you discover a need, I began to manufacture and sell baby quilts, curtains and also distributed baby wallpaper to enhance baby´s rooms. I always loved colors and designing so I was really thrilled with this activity. My  first brand was called “Decoratif babies” and my logo featured a happy face:

The Brand was well recognized based on the quality of our products, and in 1998 , one year after the birth of my second daughter Antonella, I opened my first store in a mall located near a nice neighborhood.  In the year 2,000 , the same year that my third son Alfredo was born I opened my second store.Two years later, with the birth of my fourth son, Rodrigo, I opened my third store.

In the year 2004, 11 years after launching my decoration business, I decided to venture in the business of designing, manufacturing and exporting baby clothes.

The reasons that drove me to start this second venture were, my  passion for the world of babies, the high quality of Peruvian pima cotton (recognized worldwide as the world´s best cotton), the Free Trade Agreements that Peru was beginning to sign with several countries and the emergence of the internet as a powerful  tool to connect  with the  world.

Proud of my country, culture and people, I felt the need to spread to the world the high quality of peruvian pima cotton and our qualified craftsmanship. I searched for a domain name that could enclose in one word what I wanted to communicate, and came up with the domain name  www.cottonperu.com.

From the year 2004 to 2008 we focused on designing, manufacturing and exporting for baby brands, always guaranteeing the quality of the cotton and the manufacture. Over time, we realized that our designs sold very well and our customers were growing really fast.In 2008, we began to manufacture our brand, only wholesale for the export market.In 2010, we decided to introduce our Brand to New York. We currently export door to door to more than 40 shops in New York and also to other stores abroad . Our brand Miocotton :

   honors the happy face, which was introduced with our first Brand Decoratif babies, and represents the joy of working with passion and the pride we  feel for our Peruvian cotton and skilled craftmanship.

The advantage of living in my country, Perú, where the world´s best cotton grows, enables us to have a close personal contact with all our manufacture team, resulting in a  top quality product.

Our experience, together with our passion for baby´s clothes, results in a top quality garment.

We thank all our customer and suppliers, who trusted us and helped us grow. The nicest thing is that many of the moms who buy us now, were the babies of yesteryear in which Decoratif decorated their bedroooms in the 90’s. Life has shown us, that  all our customers and suppliers are part of our big  family.

Thank You,

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Our Team

Patricia Galván
General Manager

Carolina Conroy
Export Manager

Francesca Ferrero
Marketing Manager

Antonella Ferrero
Customer Service

We support and empower  business  providing a top quality baby clothes line for their customers.

Easy Online Orders

You can place a wholesale order for our brand collection, or if you prefer you can also place a FOB Order, We guide you through the process.

Marketing material support

Once you place an order for our brand collection, we provide you with all the marketing and visual material (professional pictures of the clothes)  which you can use in your social media marketing.

Constant support to our customers

Fluid and constant communication with our wholesale customers: You can contact us by e mail whatsapp, phone anytime.

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All our baby clothes are manufactured in peruvian pima cotton. Our products range from pima cotton t-shirts for newborn baby, pima cotton baby blankets, pima cotton polo shirts, pima cotton kids pajamas, smocked baby clothes, baby onesies, baby sleeper, baby rompers, hand smocked dresses.

The pima cotton from Peru is ideal for the delicate skin of a newborn baby.

Baby stores  around the world and wholesale children´s boutique  can order newborn baby outfits,  baby clothes wholesale and kids wholesale clothing directly from us. We also develop baby clothes brands and manufacture for designer babies.

If you have a children´s boutique you can order wholesale from our whole range of newborn baby girl clothes and newborn boy clothes. Our sizes go from newborn up to 6t.

Our Peruvian Pima Cotton garantees the softness in all our baby clothes

You can also make your babylist for your babyshower and buy baby clothes online.