Private Label

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for working with us. We believe in long lasting business relations. To make our business relation experience as simple and enjoyable as possible, please find information regarding our policy below.

Quantity Requirements:

Total minimum order for Private Label Orders US$4,000.
The minimum order for a specific style is 4

Styles for Private Label:

We manufacture styles with our meausurements, which are aproved International meausures.

For Private Label Styles, you can send your own design and/or prints.

You can also choose from our styles, but its prerequisite to change details like laces, etc… so your private label style differs from our brand style.



 Shipping Abroad

What Shipping Methods Are Available for Private Label Orders?

  • Air Cargo to Airport: We send orders via our freightforwarder to the airport in your city. Its the most cost-effective freight. We accompany and guide you through the complete process until it reaches your city´s airport. Its really easy . Please calculate that your shipping cost will be aprox 10% of your FOB price.
  • Door to Door: We also deliver door to door via UPS.

Time of Delivery:

Private Label Orders are delivered two  months counted since the confirmation of the order.


We consider an order confirmed for production once we receive the 50% advance payment. Once the order is ready, we will  the notify the customer.  We only deliver the order once the balance has been paid.

Payment Gateways:

  • International Wire Transfers to our Peruvian´s  Company Bank Account-
  • Wire Transfer to our USA Company Bank Account: Bank of America.
  • Credit Card (we charge an additional 5%)

Receiving an Item not ordered:

We have a very detail procedure to place a production order (this includes an order in PDF  with the pictures , colors, sizes  and details  of each style ordered which needs to be confirmed by our customer). Nevertheles, in the event that you receive an item that you have not ordered, we will credit that item to your account immediately.

Damaged item:

We have professional  control quality procedures, nevertheless in the event that you receive a damage item, please send a picture and we will credit immediately your account. We trust our customers.

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